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A few things bugged me about that episode

I mean… it was so confusing to watch, thinking… why don’t you remember this. And why are you making these decisions again… now. Why on earth would the doctor, forgetting and regretting choose to do it again. Also if Hurt was 8/9 or whoever why was he killing everyone, shouldn’t that have been the first doctor?? So Gallifrey only died like… when 8 was alive. This makes nooooo sense. Surely there are doctors every where, and it would effect more time than this. I mean it’s a giant paradox and the world is constantly changing. Why does he try, when it just is fine anyway. He knows how the world ends, so can’t he just leave it and it will just pan out that way anyway. Also why couldn’t they have just killed the daleks and saved everyone on Gallifrey. I felt that would have been more epic, probably impossible, but you can write anything into a story. Also.. when was the doctor a child, surely he would have been a child once.

I mean.. it’s Doctor who, it doesn’t need to make all sense, but it doesn’t really make any.

The plots of doctor who were (for me):

The Angels, everyone remembers watching Don’t Blink… I mean really. That was the scariest best episode.

BadWolf… played out for sooo long, yet it came out so goood.

ii) Wilfred Knocking four times,. I’m not sure if it was just me that thought oh my gosh, Some monster is going to kill the doctor… and the suspense of that saying went on for so long. Then Wilfred frikin’ knocks four times, I lost my crap, I mean really… that was the best/saddest plot I’ve ever seen

The Crack, that was a pretty good one

GTHEN THE DOCOTR ANF ROSE DSKFJSDKFLJSD everyone has to remember the iconic hand on the wall scene. All the tears, just yeah

Then the Ood, I mean… all that was amazing. I was just really really really really scared, and the suspense. Especially the one with the devil thing. dfjsdkfjkjsd

Doctor who is amazing, I feel giddy when I think of these moments

we did this thing where we picked our favourite lyrics today and wrote it in our teachers office, on the wall today

I picked the line “The Information’s always there, it’s in your food and tangled in your hair.”

The wall looks quite beautiful


this is my favourite quote ever


this is my favourite quote ever

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“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”

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oscar wilde is the best

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I love this guy

I love this guy

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a moment of silence please because today is the day lily, james and harry potter crashed their car into a crocodile which ate harrys parents and then took out a knife and gave him a lightning bolt scar. This is such a tragic day for eveyone around the world

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-high 5-

-high 5-

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